Functional Medicine / Integrated Medicine / Holistic Consult

1 hour NO RUSH consultations – Get started on a path to better health!

$150 and older first visit  |  $75 follow-up visits

*For patients 50 and older in Arizona, Florida, Iowa & South Dakota.


Integrative medicine primarily focuses on prevention measures that support optimal health prior to disease development. Its purpose is reinforcing the body’s innate ability to heal itself, utilizing lifestyle enchantments, mind-body medicine, and in-depth patient education. This Holistic Approach offering integrative care always focuses on the whole person rather than on an organ-specific health problem.

By considering each patient’s environment, activity, lifestyle choices, social, and emotional well-being, an all-encompassing view is obtained that can offer in-depth answers. This type of care model depends on an open and honest collaborative patient-physician relationship, grounded in trust and mutual respect,  The goal is to carefully uncover all components that affect patients’ physiological and emotional well-being. There is also a commitment to finding the root cause that undermines health and creates a combination of unique problems that can’t always be solved by applying cookie-cutter solutions.


This visit is an investment in you. Think about why you want to feel better, get well or stay well. Your appointment is dedicated to you and your concerns. We respect that you are making an investment and dedicating your time to change your health. We take our time together seriously and will be prepared and be mindfully present for our visits.

INITIAL APPOINTMENT – $150 and older


*Must be 18 or older and live in Arizona, Florida, Iowa or South Dakota. These visits are not generally covered services by insurance companies and are not traditional care as defined by most major insurance plans.




*Must be 18 or older and live in Arizona, Florida, Iowa or South Dakota. These visits are not generally covered services by insurance companies and are not traditional care as defined by most major insurance plans.


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Choose a time that works for you.

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Complete new patient forms so that your provider can get to know you and your health concerns.

See Your

Visit with your provider via video chat from the comfort of your home.

Get A
Treatment Plan

You’ll receive a custom treatment plan with prescriptions and supplement recommendations to hep you achieve your health goals.


We’ll discuss your chief complaints, current medications and supplements, previous labs/medications/treatments tried and failed, lifestyle, environment factors, family and past medical history, and your preferences for treatment. All of this is considered into your plan of care.

You will often receive lab requests from Genova, Rupa or Medek and often will receive supplement recommendations and access to Full Scripts (our virtual dispensary). You should plan a follow-up appointment based on the recommendations of the provider.

That depends on your assigned provider. Not all of our providers have integrative and functional medicine training. Please contact us if you would like more information on finding a functional medicine provider that will also be your primary care monthly service provider.

Conventional insurance coverage for alternative medicine providers is generally not covered. Please contact us if you would like to see if your insurance may cover it. You will be responsible for all costs your insurance doesn’t cover. You may be able to submit the lab bill to your insurance, but it likely will not be covered. Supplements are not covered by most insurance companies. You may be able to use your HSA (health savings account) if you have one.

Prescriptions are immediately called-in to the pharmacy of your choice after the appointment ends. If supplements are ordered you will get an email from Full Scripts to order the recommendations if you choose to. If you order $50.00 or more, often shipping is free with Full Scripts and the order arrives within 3-5 days.

Labs are not covered by most insurance plans when using holistic health/functional medicine visits. If your provider wants labs for you, you will be responsible for payment and will be notified from either Rupa Health, Medek or Genova on further instructions and payments options. Most labs are self home collections, but you may be responsible for finding a lab to do a blood draw. Please make sure you understand the lab fees. Some customers attempt to submit the lab bill to their insurance companies, but most are denied and the customer is responsible for full payment to the lab.


Experience the difference from a telehealth service with a focus on holistic care.